A Simple Way For Kids To Avoid The Dentist’s Drill

To Floss or Not to Floss. My Facebook newsfeed in the last 2 months has been on click bait headlines debating if flossing works or doesn’t. The simple answer is YES it works but you need to know how to floss properly, if you are too aggressive you end up doing a lot of damage to…

What Is A Root Canal? And When And Why Do They Need Crowns?

Vital teeth contain living pulp tissue which has nerve fibers, blood vessels, tissue etc. This pulp may die and the tooth may become non-vital. In the process of getting non-vital the tooth may turn painful. The reason for teeth turning non-vital are many injury, decay, gum disease etc.

Best ways to prevent gum diseases

According to recent statistics, 95% of the population in India suffer from some form of gum disease. While most Indians are unaware of this staggering figure, not much is done to solve this issue as well!